Over a full week of daily knowledge tests, Kingdom Raids got back loads of engagements on Kingdom Raids’ Discord Channel along with multiple accurate answers from our genuine Doodians, the ones who have known us so well within a short period of time! Great job, folks!

Among them, our team would like to send our huge congrats to the brilliant quiz solvers who achieved the most points during the past Active to earn Mini-contest:

🥇 40 USDT — @BalatSibuyas | Altius#4599–5 pts

🥇 40 USDT — @Marie ANNE#2736–5 pts

🥉 20 USDT — @Kipachuuu#6195–4 pts

‼️ The above accounts are Discord-only.

💰 Kindly DM admin @ShawKR on Telegram your BEP-20 wallet address BEFORE 3 PM UTC APR 12, 2022 to receive your reward.

🧠 One last word: Knowledge is Power!





Kingdom Raids is a RPG developed by a leading gaming studio. The game takes place in a fictional kingdom, “Dood Kingdom”, a land of mystery and adventure