Just so you know, Doodians!

Each Land in Dood Kingdom is divided into many small tokenized build plots in which players can construct Base and Defensive Buildings in order to protect the village against any raid.

First, let’s take a quick look at Base Buildings to see what in-game knowledge gamers need to keep in their archives!

🔥 For each available plot, there is a given base called Village Base. The base starts off empty with a focus on the buildable area, as shown as darkened areas.

🔥 As players progress, they can unlock different areas and level up them for increased effects and more complex aesthetics, usually adding extra buildings.

🔥 There are 5 states of build slots: Normal, Buildable, Upgradable, Building, Upgrading. For each plot of land, initially, here’s a list of available in-game base buildings:

🏠 Houses: Players need houses to increase population.

Gold generator: This machine is needed to generate gold.

⛺️ Miner’s houses: Explore and extract resource

🕋 Mana storage: Increases maximum Mana that can be held by a player at one time

🏚 Gold storage: Increases maximum Gold that can be held by a player at one time

🌾 Farm: Produce food and decrease Dungeon Food generation time

Apart from nurturing a sustainable economy with Base Buildings, giving a considerable interest to protect your Motherland at all costs via Defensive Buildings is imperative for the preservation of any empire!

🗡 Overall, there are 2 main types of Defensive structure: Path and Side Defense Towers. In detail, each of these structures is classified into specific categories as below:


💂‍♀️ Unit branch: This branch of building allows players to place individual units in defense, which have been based off of the playable characters. Levelling up this building will allow higher strength characters to be placed. Tiering up the building will apply special buffs and effects to the character that is in this position.

🚪 Wall branch: The wall blocks enemies and stops them from advancing through the square until they destroy it. It has high health and armor. Some variations of the wall are able to damage enemies, however as a result of its tanky nature. It’s less effective in an offensive role.

Auras branch: These towers will provide positive effects to allies or negative effects to enemies.

🙈 Trap branch: Traps do not block the player’s mobility, however they do punish players for passing over them. Some traps may be constant effects whilst some may only trigger once. These traps are not destroyable by normal attacks but abilities must be used instead.


🏹 Archer Tower: These towers do not have “Dead zones”. They can attack enemies no matter how close they get. They can branch into short, mid, long range towers.

💣 Bomb Branch: These towers start out as slower than the archer tower but they start with an attack. These towers also have a “Dead Zone” which means that they can not attack enemies who get too close to them.

🔮 Magic Branch: Towers are going to be similar to the archer tower branch in a lot of ways. The primary difference is going to be in the theme and damage-type of the tower. Some magic towers may have dead zones and some might not.

⚙️ Catapult: The catapult launches a large rock at a target location, shattering at the impact point and dealing damage to enemies.


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Kingdom Raids is a RPG developed by a leading gaming studio. The game takes place in a fictional kingdom, “Dood Kingdom”, a land of mystery and adventure