2 min readSep 18, 2022

Kingdom Raids Alpha Test has already touched down recently!

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Now that who is ever ready for a series of exceptional events in celebration of this major milestone?

Well, here we go, Doodians! Introducing Kingdom Raids Public Testnet Marathon with 3 main activities from Sep 15 till Oct 15, 2022:


Kingdom Raids Testnet Super League is a Tournament hosted on the special occasion of Kingdom Raids Alpha Test launch, where players accumulate as many weekly Trophy points as they possibly can across various game modes with the same ultimate goal of reaping numerous valuable cash & NFT rewards back home.

The Leaderboard will then be finalized at the end of each week as the weekly prize pool is split into multiple categories as follows:

🥇 $100 in $KRS + 1 Untradeable NFT

🥈 $80 in $KRS + 1 Untradeable NFT

🥉 $60 in $KRS + 1 Untradeable NFT

🏅 Rank #4: $40 in $KRS + 1 Untradeable NFT

🎖 Rank #5: $20 in $KRS + 1 Untradeable NFT

🏵 Rank #6 — #10: 1 Untradeable NFT for each player

After each week, the system will reset the leaderboard all over again for the beginning of a brand-new Trophy race. In doing so, every gamer has the equal opportunity to put their names on the Ranking Board.

So, what are you waiting for? Embark the raids, Doodians!


Mega Testnet Airdrop is an extraordinary airdrop program worth up to $10,000 & exclusively designed for all active players who passionately engage themselves in experiencing Kingdom Raids Alpha Test version!

More details will be announced after the end of Alpha Test! Stay tuned & follow our socials to not miss out on the latest news!

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Bug Bounty Program is a special program created for the Top contributors who spot out the in-game bugs & fill in the bug report form below. Based on certain criteria, the game developement team will filter out the outstanding contributions & grant the NFT rewards to the well-deserved individuals.

👉 Kingdom Raids’ bug report form:

The total prize pool will be defined depending on the number of reports. Stay tuned for the upcoming announcements, Bug hunters!

😈 Enjoy the game & let the raids begin!




Kingdom Raids is a RPG developed by a leading gaming studio. The game takes place in a fictional kingdom, “Dood Kingdom”, a land of mystery and adventure