📣 Moon Festival is rapidly approaching, Doodians!

Let Kingdom Raids welcome y’all to our Discord server & have some real fun during this special occasion of the year!

All you gotta do is:

  • Invite 3 friends into Kingdom Raids Discord at
  • Afterwards, make a poem for the topic “Kingdom Raids Hero under the Moonlight” & post it on the event venue at along with tagging those 3 recently-added friends during the event time from 12:00 UTC Sep 02 till 23:59 UTC Sep 10, 2022.

To fully maximize your creativity, here come a few sources about Kingdom Raids Heroes that our poets can completely count on:

⚔️ Hero Redpunch:

⚔️ Hero Souen:

⚔️ Hero Don Pablo:

⚔️ Hero Obsidian:

⚔️ Hero Bean:

⚔️ Hero Solar:

⚔️ Hero Nurse:

⚔️ Hero KPop:

⚔️ Hero Reinhart:

⚔️ Hero Necromancer:

⚔️ Hero Husky:

Last but not least, the winner will then be determined by the amount of ❤️ that the post receives. The more, the merrier!

Who will be the well-deserved champ grabbing back home a game testing slot & 1 Blind Box?

🌝 The answer will soon be emerged at the full moon!



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Kingdom Raids is a RPG developed by a leading gaming studio. The game takes place in a fictional kingdom, “Dood Kingdom”, a land of mystery and adventure