May Kingdom Raids team present to all Doodians the 10 Best Memes decided by our Organizing Committee in King Dood Meme Contest 🤟

@TechN3rd — Meme Masterpiece 01:

@chiesaitali — Meme Masterpiece 02:

@olesosa — Meme Masterpiece 03:

@betcase — Meme Masterpiece 04:

@thaomary — Meme Masterpiece 05:

@Thenameisbd — Meme Masterpiece 06:

@honghong123123 — Meme Masterpiece 07:

@lisalisa112233 — Meme Masterpiece 08:

@pelitsu — Meme Masterpiece 09:

@Okaraden1z — Meme Masterpiece 10:

‼️ Note: These usernames are only Telegram accounts.

Once again, huge congrats to our 10 Dood Memeologists! But, the journey is not over yet!

🤟 Brace yourself, 10 Dood Memeologists! From this moment on, we are moving to the next Community Voting round taking place from JAN 25,2022 to 23:59 UTC JAN 28,2022, of which Top 5 community vote Memes will be the champs to earn our priceless NFT collectibles (4 Misc Boxes for each)

🤟 Now it’s time to get down to work, Voters! Make the good choices as 20 winning slots with the opportunity to earn the Public sale Whitelist ticket worth $50 at distributed time are waiting for the deserving ones!

👉 Vote now & Collect as many tickets as possible prior to Lucky Draw Round at:

🌟 Besides top 5 Community Voters, after 23:59 (UTC) JAN 24, 2022, Meme creators can still post your memes on Twitter or Facebook with hashtags #KingdomRaids #Doodians #DoodMemeContest!

~> Top 3 memes that get the most engagements from JAN 18, 2022 to 23:59 (UTC) JAN 28, 2022 will be the deserving champs. (Reaction = 1 point, Share = 2 points)



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Kingdom Raids is a RPG developed by a leading gaming studio. The game takes place in a fictional kingdom, “Dood Kingdom”, a land of mystery and adventure