Kingdom Raids announces our next partnership with Earn Guild, a next-gen play-to-earn guild with an all-in-one ecosystem for Web3 e-athletes.

Via a growing community of P2E game enthusiasts alongside deep experience within the GameFi space from Earn Guild, this perfect consolidation promises to deliver more & more value to both entities & the entire Blockchain Game community. Let’s BUIDL #KingdomRaids together!

🌟 About Earn Guild

Earn Guild is a guild for play-to-earn gamers on the blockchain. At its core, it supports P2E gamers from A to Z via a wide variety of cutting-edge features so that they can maximize profits across various P2E games in the Metaverse space.

Specifically, Earn Guild offers:

🔸 All-in-one Dashboard for Staking, Flash Pools, Swap

🔸 NFT Marketplace to trade & even rent NFTs

🔸 Fiat gateway to store, send & spend $EARN tokens with Mastercard support

🔸 Exchange for Gamefi tokens

🔸 Coaching for newcomers

🔸 Credit scoring system for players

🌟 About Kingdom Raids

Kingdom Raids is a blockchain-based RPG developed by leading gaming studio Alley Labs, which attracted more than 100 million downloads across its games & offers a compelling game plot, beautiful graphic design, fascinating gameplay and a genuine in-game socializing experience. Kingdom Raids is set in the fictional “Dood Kingdom”, and includes many features of fantasy online RPGs such as magic, character classes, PvE, PvP, dungeons, monsters, and player clans. In addition, it also incorporates fungible tokens and non-fungible tokens as core parts of the game. Fungible tokens serve as in-game currency, and NFTs provide players with digital ownership of in-game assets, including characters, Land, and various other possessions.

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Kingdom Raids is a RPG developed by a leading gaming studio. The game takes place in a fictional kingdom, “Dood Kingdom”, a land of mystery and adventure