Kingdom Raids announces our next handshake with Liberty Gaming Guild, the next-gen ‘play-to-earn’ Guild with the ultimate goal to become the gateway to liberty, freedom and play-to-earn metaverse success. Glad to have Liberty Gaming Guild on board, Doodians!

🌟 About Liberty Gaming Guild

Liberty Gaming Guild is a barrier-breaking project in ‘play to earn’ gaming that aims to open doors for all crypto-based gamers of all ages and backgrounds from across the globe, by lowering the entry barrier for participation. The guild orients towards forming a ‘gateway’ for gamers to easily gain access to previously expensive & inaccessible NFTs within blockchain gaming, as well as providing an ecosystem for them to learn and thrive within the new gaming era.

When discussing Kingdom Raids, Liberty Gaming CCO Maurizio Barbieri said:

“The Kingdom Raids project is precisely the type of project we are looking to get involved with here at Liberty, ticking every box we are looking for. Beautifully designed, engaging gameplay, incredibly well thought out in-game economy, multiple earning methods and a well-structured, sustainable economy. When this opportunity came along, we simply had to get involved and are incredibly excited to see how Kingdom Raids develops.”

Speaking of this vital handshake, Kingdom Raids CEO Hai Duong boldly claimed:

“This collaboration marks a milestone on the road to build & reinforce a stronger Kingdom Raids gaming community in the near future, following our long-term vision to make the Metaverse dream come true.”

🌟 About Kingdom Raids

Kingdom Raids is a blockchain-based RPG developed by leading gaming studio Alley Labs, which attracted more than 100 million downloads across its games & offers a compelling game plot, beautiful graphic design, fascinating gameplay and a genuine in-game socializing experience. Kingdom Raids is set in the fictional “Dood Kingdom”, and includes many features of fantasy online RPGs such as magic, character classes, PvE, PvP, dungeons, monsters, and player clans. In addition, it also incorporates fungible tokens and non-fungible tokens as core parts of the game. Fungible tokens serve as in-game currency, and NFTs provide players with digital ownership of in-game assets, including characters, Land, and various other possessions.

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